DROID #1: Yumi, Queen A.I

Yumi is the ex partner of Tarnek. They were separated during the Golden Age by the same group that turned Tarnek’s brain into an A.I. software. Unfortunately, Yumi experienced the same torture. After months of being an A.I., Yumi snapped, causing a virus to go through the networking systems that corrupted the DROIDs’ processors, creating the dawn of the Great War. Yumi’s body is made out of a rich pearl-like mineral that is resistant to most incoming attacks and her weapon converts atoms in the air into our energy before it condenses, creating a blade that is able to slice through the thickest of barriers.


Cool, especially the head, but something about the torso seems off imo.

This is pretty rad, really digging the lower arms.

It is a very interesting moc. Nice job

I like how clean and robotic she looks,
When are you gonna get back to me on maybe me writing some stuff about this setting?

I still need to create/build the characters I have in mind. When I create the King, I shall request your services, good sir.


This looks straight out of Tokyo.
Good job.