DRONES (Toa Of Ultimate Doom)

A mostly disposable army of drones who think only to command their controller, excluding the Pawns. With one, they may bring a good fight, but they work better in numbers. Their only instinct is to fight for a common goal.

(Meep. Anyone get that reference?)

Drone - Foot:
Swordsmen/Gunnar Class, this drones are the most easily to construct, and the quickest. They may be the weakest, but they still pack a punch.

Drone - Warrior:
A more advanced line up of drones who are prepared to do the dirty work. They’re based on a praying mantis.

Drone - Pawn.
Mostly barbaric and mechanics, which isn’t always a good combination, these Drones aren’t like any other for one reason, they have fully functioning minds, which is why these drones are limited in case they attack their creators in spite.
(Some inspiration from one of BioRockDudes moc.)

Drone - Hornet:
The monsters of the drone army. Hornets are very vicious, even if you don’t antagonize them.
(Based on Nui-Jaga.)

More drones to come so stay tuned to this topic.


that fly one is really cool also I suggest not going into the view mode because the background makes it hard to see


when will you be posting more of these

I really like the look of all of these! Each has its own unique characteristics and design that makes then all the more appealing.

Sweet Idea and Also the mocs look a Team,Well I mean they have a one main color over all of them.
Still,Great Mocs!

Considering that they “think only to command their controller”… quite terrifying

These look pretty Fantasti-cool™! I like these a lot! Why you gotta put your name in the topic though?

Those look great! I wish I could build that good in LDD :pensive:
Anyways, awesome color scheme, and the Hornet looks really cool. Can’t wait to see more.

Phineas and Ferb?

WRONG! (Though, not surprised.)

So people know who build it coming into the topic. Also, because just ‘Drones’ is to simple. It’s almost like a signature.

When I get to them.

Oh, so I know not to click on it?
/s, I’m kidding. Don’t kill me.


These are cool!

These look good, definitely get across the mechanical feel.

These are really cool!

I really like what you did with the Hornet.

My eyes! Such beauty! It’s overwhelming!

I really like the Bug

when will you get to them

… When I get to them, I don’t know.

Nui Jaga are the scorpions,

Nui-Rama are the dragonflies.

Get it right.