Hello :wink:

I’m going to post pictures of my drones on this post.
This one is supposed to be an anti- aircraft turret/drone.
Ihad to take out Axonn Centauri to make this but it was worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

Not many pictures are available, my phone was out of batteries :frowning:

i guess i ran out of parts


(very crude) back

Head detail- notice i used a MindStorms NXT colour sensor


Looks cool

Can you get other peeps to reply?

add joke about American military here

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No memes please… Sheesh!

is not a meme just a small joke

… the guy’s alright, he’s a drone so it’s basic and works

Yup. My creations are inspired from the anime franchise Mobile Suit Gundam- look it up!

Oh. Gun-Tank or something else?

I was thinking about the Z’Gok, actualy :stuck_out_tongue:

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These are pretty cool!

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