Duckie’s custom Lightsabers

I decided to try to push the limits of materials such as cardboard and duct tape, and put a little lightsaber hilt together. I have a very bright little flashlight in the bottom for if I add a blade but until I figure out how to get something reflective into a very long bubble wand, that’s not happening aytime soon haha


Wow, that looks really good, like, really good. how long did it take?

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Maybe an hour? Idk.

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Nicely done! Ducktape and cardboard definitely limits you, but you’ve done a pretty solid job with color blocking and adding some believable-looking greeblies.

I just wish we had a wider shot of the entire saber that wasn’t crossed off.


So civilized!
This is legit really cool! You should definitely try the blade.

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So I decided instead of trying my idea, I wanted to ask yall’s thoughts. How should I make the blade?

Nice! Reminds me of a Kylo Ren lightsaber I made a few years ago

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