Duel Injected Pieces

This topic's about pieces that are blends of different colours from various lines, but most likely about bionicle

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What can I say, there's good.
Sometimes useful, other times the worst thing that could be.
But always coolio-as-heck.
:point_left: :sunglasses: :ok_hand:

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i love Duel Injected pieces ! , especially how the 2016 bionicle masks look

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What duel injected mask from 2016 is your favourite?

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Tahu's gold / trans red Mask looks epic !

Tahu's 2016 mask looks awesome and better resembles his 2001 better than his 2015 mask did. Also the new sword piece looks cool with the colours that are used to blend it

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I've always liked them

2016 masks I very much enjoy

Dual injected bricks

They come in rare small batches that come out after the color has been changed on the factory floor. They are quickly collected and destroyed now by Lego to keep them off the ebay market. The worker who owns these multicoloured bricks made them for their kids.

I wonder if there's such thing as a triple-injected piece...


Sorta on the fence about dual injected pieces. They could either be used very well or very bad. It all depends on the colors and the part.

I need them! Why would Lego want to destroy these beauties?


WOW! That looks like the marbled bricks that are in many mega bloks halo sets. Triple injected pieces would be almost pieces of art!

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Need them. I guess they serve no real purpose in terms of designing a set, unless they wanted to make lava with the brick on the far right. So we'll probably never see these produced for products.

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Imagine if those bricks were blended with a bunch of transparent colours