Dulvanu the eternal hunter

A warrior of unknown origin, he attacks a beast, unrelenting and undying this monster will strike down all who stand in his way.
He is rumored to have been created as a protector of an ancient civilization yet his nature to attack almost anything he sees makes it hard to see him protecting anything.

He takes on a more bestial stance when tracking his prey, it seems that this may be more of a habit than something that actually assists him in locating targets

His two giant claw like weapons are made of an unknown alloy, they are strong enough to cut through Protosteel but are able to be deflected if concentrated elemental energy is focused through the defending weapon

On a journey to a strange parallel universe Dieres encountered it prowling a long abandoned ancient city, once he had spotted her he chased her down until she decided to fight it. Dieres had managed to land a hit on Dulvanu's head however once he had fallen to the ground in a deathlike state the damage inflicted to his head began to close up and he began to stand back up. At that point Dieres decided to escape before the monster could to get back on its feet leaving behind a warning at the gates of the city to anyone who happens to stumble upon the long dead city.

I wanted to make a really simple looking moc with the new system and ended up with this guy.
I think he ended up pretty well altough I want to make a more complex version of him somewhere down the line, he's already in my favorites as a character to use.


Interesting... i think he needs some addons


Love that head, but the yellow/keetorange and teal/trans-light blue combos really don't look too good IMO.

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I just remembered that Blue is Orange's compliment and Purple is Yellow's not the other way around which I thought

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There's nothing wrong with the yellowish/light bluish colour scheme. I'm just saying you should try to keep it at two consistent colours. Very similar colours used in conjunction (like yellow and keetorange) normally just looks messy.

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I like how the armor flows together and I like the colors.

I think it would be cool if you removed the hands and attached the weapons directly to the arms, and other tweaks like that to make it less of a basic humanoid.

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I agree with this. The hands look a bit weird with those shield pieces (and it really doesn't look practical).

I actually really like those weapons, simple though they may be.