Duncan the Dancing Skeleton

Spooky scary skeleton. Inspiration for this moc was the belville spoon, but it also uses the homemaker top hat and the scala lamp stand because girls’ lego is awesome.


I never thought a skeleton would have a butt-chin that big.

Alot of npu deep inside the bone-

I need to buy some colored tube to cut for my own.


spooky scary skeletons send shivers down your spine
you really put your BACKBONE into this moc

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can he calcium though?


He can dance. He can also pull his eye socket out and use it as a flashlight.

Pretty spoopy

Very impressive part usage

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2 Spooky…

Some nice parts usage here, that doesn’t really look like a chin though…

I really like the way you did the chin. I like it.

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It’s Mr.Bones.

doot doot

Something about that head does not sit right with me. its either the mouth or that chin…