DuneToa’s Transformers

Here are some Transformers I drew lately:

A generic character, based partially on Bumblebee’s Cybertronian form from the beginning of Bumblebee.

A Seeker who I’ve decided to name Shockblast. I was inspired by the movie form of Jetfire, although it came out looking much more like Samus from Metroid. If you’re wondering where the propeller is in robot mode, it’s the radial stripes on the chestplate. It folds outwards in vehicle mode, which is a WWII fighter plane.

Finally, a random character defending an abandoned supply center on Earth. The first time in a while that I’ve used shading on these pictures. Enjoy!


Y’know I have mixed feelings on the bayformer designs. I like the detail and how they look more organic, but I also hate the detail and weird body shapes. This is cool though.


i know very little about transformers, so imma just gonna say, that they look good!


I agree. I dislike how Bay did Starscream and Jetfire, so I made my Seeker character look more human in proportion. That was one thing that the movies don’t seem to understand: it looks much better when those characters don’t look like junk when in robot mode. Just because the character is old doesn’t mean that he has to be crazy, or look like a crumpled wreck. Plus that hunched design would make it hard for Jetfire to fight in robot mode.

@Rhyla416 thanks for the compliment! I’m glad you enjoyed the drawings!