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Hmm Should you guy's sign your characters up here or should someone make a Sign up topic?

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I actually dont have all the 5th Edition rulebooks (i only have the Players Handbook) so I will make a Charatcher of my choice

Maybe Pieter

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So are we doing the sign up here?
And where on the internet we can just look it up while we play on the boards.
I should Know i don't own all the books either.

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so do you have any other editions?

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Well i started playing with 4th but no longer have the books. But again where on the internet if you what to play another edition?

Again should i make a sign up topic.

Would that count as advertising?

I only have played 5th edition, but I understand that wizards has posted a generalized version of the 5e players handbook on their website for free.

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yeah they usually do for every edition

He has the rule book.

@Whaddon with 5th edition you really only need the player hand book to play. Who ever is the DM though he will need The monster manual, and maybe the dungeon master book.

So I'm taking it this is going to happen? :smile_cat:

If so PM me and I'll invite who ever else what's to play.

but we have to make a set day of the week we play on/ time.

The only real problem would be coordinating when and how we would do it...

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Yeah but that's what this topic is for right.

I'm good for now on Monday's though Saturdays between 11:00 AM through 3:00 AM.

Hey me too! Giant gaps in college schedule for the win!

Now the real question is how...
Would we just make a topic and do it in real time?

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Well we could do a text only thing on roll 20 if they still allow that. :smile_cat:

What time zone are you cause I'm Pacific?

That might work, I've never used it before so I don't know...

Live in Missouri which I believe is central time

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Yeah i've never really use roll20 myself.

How does it work?

I'm pretty sure they have tutorial videos on youtube or something.

Did you mean 3:00 PM? Because I misread this at first...

I'm free from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Yes I'm free Tell 3:00 PM pacific TIME. :smile_cat:

I am GMT

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So your times is two hours earlier than mine...

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Hmm it is, what is your time zone if you don't mind me asking?