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Have any of you ever played a game Dungeons & Dragons.

I Love the game and I really want to do a Actual Dungeons & Dragons RP session one day on the boards

But lets talk about Homebrew Adventures, Funny Scenes and show off you Characters you have made

Also is this topic okay in the entertainment section since their is not a Tabletop games genre


I love dungeons and dragons haven’t played in a real long time though.

this one time i was playing with my brother and two younger sister and they wondering though the desert. at a point they came to a point where they could see to the north-east about two day journeys away they could see a walled city. to the the south-east about 8 hours journeys away they could see ruins that looked to be covered in snow in the middle of the desert. to the west about a days journeys away they could see an ocean.

Can you guess which one they choose to go to?


Well would you know a three head freak of nature white dragon was turning the desert into a frozen wonderland (to him at least).

Well they get wreck but some how manage to escape (can’t remember how they pulled that off).


One thing I remember was our Barbarian rolled a one on his rage ability
and almost died
he also almost died to a Baby Giant Octopus
Underwater…in a Sunken Ship

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I just started playing over Christmas break, me and my siblings started a campaign DMed by my sister who’s the only one who’d played before. We aren’t that far in, but I play a tiefling monk, and this one time, I one punched two goblins to death in a single turn.

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I should’ve seen this coming…

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yes you should

anyway have any Charatcher Sheets to show

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Currently it’s all in paper and pencil, but we’re moving to digital so that we can continue even though we live in different states, if you want I’ll post mine once I transfer it.

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you know you could just take a photo of it

I find that DnD tends to go down the generic path all too often. I have yet to play a game of it that wasn’t woefully predictable. I also find the system works at its best when used for HacknSlash dungeon crawls and not so well in large outdoor battles. I will also admit the version I played was out of a 10 year old book.

I dunno I’m a fan of Tabletop RPGs but DnD never kept my interest. (I am a GURPS/Rifts fan myself).


No, my handwriting is TERRIBLE, it would be impossible to read…

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I can read Anything

Between my handwriting and my phone’s camera, I doubt it, give me 15 minutes or so and I’ll post the digitized version…

Edit: never mind I experiencing technical difficulties…

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i used this site to create my D&D character. if you guy’s what to post your character’s why not try and make them here and then copy and past it to here?


Maybe I’ll Start a Dungeon and dragons Role play game on the boards.

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it is unfinished
I used to use the official D&D 4th edition character creator until Silverlight was updated and made it Useless

I might join maybe be my Half Elf Sorcerer Pieter Pheonixfeather

Aw okay well sorry about that know of any good online Character creators then.

Haven’t decided whether I’ll do it or not. I all ready have a lot of stuff going on in my life right now ( Ironically on the message boards I’m working on becoming a master). it would be a nice break though.

If enough people want to join I’ll do it.

Well I’m off to bed good day everyone.

mind if I play? lol. I’ve mainly played 5th edition though

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Me too!!!

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I got into D&D about two years ago. One of my favorite characters was “Captain Skalar the Scaleheart.” He was the captain of our Pirates/Villains campaign, and He was so fun to play. I multiclassed as a Cavalier/Fighter, and gave him a ton of personality.

One quirk I gave him was that he would always begin a story with “Now listen up lads, this is my favorite story!” And/or he would end every story with “And that’s me favorite story!” When he was finally confronted about it by the ship’s navigator, my response was “Of course all the stories I tell are my favorite, they all have to do with Me!

My favorite “good” character was an Entobian(bug person) Skald (Bard-Barian). His quirk was his introduction, which he would give anytime he met a new person:

“Hello, my name is Haldozan Herracross, world-class drummer and professional singer! Very skilled in Spells and Counter-Spells!”

By the time we finished the campaign, the entire party had memorized it and would sarcastically quote it right along with me without missing a beat.

I’m getting ready to actually GM for the first time, which will probably come in the summer. I’m going to run my friends through a home-brew Villains Campaign I’ve been making called “The Blood and The Water.” The premise is this: A powerful country is secretly being run by a Vampire Mafia Family. The Family will have enlisted the help of the party to keep things in check at home and to keep tabs on the neighboring countries, as border disputes are becoming increasingly more common. One thing that I feel comfortable sharing here is a concept that I intend to implement: An Anti-party. Since my friends will be the villains this time around, I’m going to create a typical band of heroes to become recurring enemies and oppose them. More that that, I’m going to attempt to specifically tailor the Anti-party to counter the Party one a 1:1 basis. For instance: to counteract an assassin that uses invisibility, I’ll employ a prestige class that grants blindsense and can dispel invisibility. To counteract a mage, I’ll use a third party class I discovered that can sever magical abilities. I can’t wait to try it out. I’ll let you guys know how we all fare in the end.