[Duplonicle] - Toa of Lighning

This my friend, is the 7th toa. His ability is that his name is Vezon. shocking right?. He tends to ramble but he still likes his friends. He wields the spear of fusion, able to mend broken friendships <3.
This is confidential because I work at Lego I get exclusive pictures.

His teeth glow in the dark. I think this is a problem because the children might choke on the faint glow. His other problem is that the kiddies might cut themselves on his edge.
I heard the though process this was a reference to a set released in 2006 called “Vezok” if you get the reference leave a like!


Ugh, this is just another Generation 1 monster. There isn’t any duplo in here!

And I bet you don’t even work for Lego!

Topic closed, I can’t believe this.