Hello everyone, as we all know, Brickonicle has become Duploonicle. So, I have decided to design my version of the mean guys themself, Makooti. No, he is not Makuta. Makuta is too scary for the kiddies. Now since I don't have any Duplo parts, this is simply a drawing on MS Paint. I decided to make several Makooti, Teridax, Chirox, Gorast, Krika and finally, Antroz.
So, without further ado, here they are.

I made a short backstory, here it is:
"The Makooti were friends of the Toa, but one day they took their cookies without asking! So the Toa will try to get the Makooti to be friends with them again, even though the Makooti look kinda gross."

That's it for this concept, I might make more later.
April fools!


This is a great concept and idea that I'm sure will appeal to younger fans more even though it slightly borders on un child friendliness.

Are you certain they are not to scary?

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I feel the red eyes are to unfriendly, the makooti should look exactly like the toa but with unhappy faces

Say, wanna know how to make this more realistic? Have the Makooti play with matches and get the Toa's house burned down. That'll make the Makooti look like awful children.

Only the best story is good enough.

No, that's too dangerous and the children could get scared.

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A little unfriendliness is okay, but not too much, or else the kiddies will be too scared.
Yeah, I should make them a bit less scary.
Thats a good idea, give me a second..

Okay fixed, and much less scary!
That's too scary for the kiddies, they might get scared as @BBricks said!


Look, back in my day my children had to worry about a bombing from germany. A house going on fire is nothing compared to germany bombing us.