Durarara: Celty

here she is
yes there is some sharpied parts but a little bit of warm soapy water will get it right off

the head is just an alternative version of Freakuency’s head

hope you like it


Now Im no expert on system based moc but I dig it, also I see some aspects of the black lotus mocs especially in the torso. But the limbs of the moc definitely flow with the torso. And I like it.

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I think the feet could stand a tad bit more width, but everything else looks great.

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I really, really like the body and limbs. They are fantastic. The colour of the head seems a little out of place but besides that, great job.

It’s a nice MOC, but the head isn’t fitting with the rest, as if it’s not designed for this MOC.

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well thats how shes designed in the anime

The head doesn’t fit at all, but otherwise good.

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To me, this looks like you upgraded your Lotus Moc. The legs look better, however the lower arms could use some tiles to smooth it down. and ditto on the head.

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Then it’s a flaw in the anime design.

The head breaks an otherwise great body design.


just cause the charater decided to have a yellow and blue kittie eared helmet and a skin tight bikers suit doesnt mean its wrong

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It looks like a good moc, and from a primarily system mocist, I love the body, though, as others have said, the head colors look VERY out of place, if you put those colors in small increments throughout the body, I think it would have looked MUCH better

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Honestly I’m not a huge fan of how you designed the head. other than that, I think this is pretty neat.

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the character is from an anime

plus it was the only easy to build it

I, too, dislike the head, but as @JoeScibelli said that’s the anime’s fault for not staying consistent with colors.
The rest looks great, though!

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I know, I really like the anime it’s from.

I just think the way you tried to make her head looks a little odd to me. Other han that I like the moc.

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Everyone complaining about the colors, I’ll defend that it looks fine on the actual design, my complaint is that the shaping is really bad for what it’s supposed to look like.
Especially the lower legs, and the helmet.


it would work for a bigger fig but im using mixle and t joint frame here

Pretty much my thoughts.


considering the origin

she’s bit blocky, but what can ya do?

I assume not many/noone’s seen the original design?

wish she had legit banana yellow and then some flesh(also some slight blue) but otherwise good enough


im doing the version where her bikers suit is completely zipped up

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