Dykab The Farmer 2.0


The upper arms look weird. Just with the unarmored HF bones and such.

And while the colors may be a bit messy, I think they still work well overall.

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Good moc here. Seems abit out of proportions in some areas, and abit to bulky at some areas, but overall nice and decent moc. BTW any lore or story purpose for the Olmak

This is perfect. The only way it can get better is if you keep making it bigger and adding more blades.

dos glowy eyes tho

With that out of the way, I've gotta disagree with Nyran here. There's just too many colors in there for my liking: gold, black, gunmetal, silver, red...it blinds me...

Other than that it's a pretty cool MOC. I still don't understand why he's a farmer, but I won't question it. wink

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I think even just ditching the gunmetal color would go leaps and bounds in making cleaner.

I sorta have a personal rule: No more than three colors. I mean, I guess Gold, Black, Silver, and red would be fine, but I still feel like that's conflicting. If there is a color to ditch, I'd say it's red (because there's very little of it.)

Well, thing is, it's needed for the whole Pizza hut color scheme motif.

If that's the case, there needs to be more of it. At the moment there's like 5 red pieces on there.

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Pretty sweet upgrade. Doesn't seem quite so chaotic now wink

Does he farm Pizza hut's Pizza Dylan? While farming Coffee for the Toa of Starbucks, @maximumwarp ?

I really love this, It's a great improvement, and I love it, the colour schemes really good, but could do with removing that red.

Well he's actually a regular everyday farmer pizza hut was his later job so that's why he has a bit of red for that obvious reason.


Nice bulky look! He looks as if he could snap a Toa like a twig! Also, I really reccomend you try to get a cleaner backround. Your current one is a bit too distracting. stuck_out_tongue

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