DynoMutt X-10

A while ago I saw an episode of Dexter's Laboratory and it just happened to be Dyno-Might, and after seeing DynoMutt X-9, it sparked an idea to make this little fella, may tweak on the head, maybe with some mixel joints should do the trick I suppose, then again I have no clue about those joints as I never bought any of the Mixels yet, so if anyone can suggest which specific piece would make a good neck connection feel free to tell.

Detail shots:

(Edit: Got a mixel set for the parts so I could get an articulated neck for the MOC)


Cool use of the Hordika head

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It looks kind of cute

Pretty neat little creation, I like the torso design.

this is really cool, i like the mouth

Noice, I really like the upper torso too.