E.F.R.A.M. - Ectoplasmic Fueled Robotic Advanced Marine

The United States government, fearing the sudden appearance of demons and wraiths in Asia, developed this prototype Android as a defense against possible attacks.

TThis 'bot is unlike any other, in that it is fueled from energy siphoned directly from the Cursed Realm itself. US scientists (upon studying the Chinese data surrounding the attacks) found a way to tap into the Cursed Realm and harness the ectoplasmic spirit energy that emanates from it.
Creating a series of fuel cells based on this energy and implanting them into the E.F.R.A.M. unit, they have engineered the perfect warrior to defeat the monsters from the Cursed Realm.
E.F.R.A.M. has two back-mounted ectoplasm cannons, and a dual bladed sword that is bathed in an everburning ectoplasmic flame. These weapons, as well as his ectoplasmic armor, make him as deadly to the monsters as they are to humans.


Clearly, that backstory is too disrespectful to curses, so I’m gonna need to edit it out.


Reminds me a lot of Surge from HF, but looks good regardless. I really like the colors on that sword in contrast to the rest of him, was a good choice.


Thanks. It’s very clearly a Surge rip off. I got a Surge the other day from Amazon, and decided to re-vamp it. But then I also saw that polybag MOC contest, and figured a Surge re-vamp might go well in that.

But once I started building, I just couldn’t resist adding more pieces beyond the 30 count allotment for the contest. So instead I decided to just put him in the same “universe” with the last two MOCs I made.

Overall though it’s a pretty simple build with some bright colors.


awesome sword, i second eljay’s opinion

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The shoulders are a bit too wide for my taste, but the build is very cool, and so is the photography.

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The back of the MOC looks a bit exposed, but other than that, this looks amazing! I’m a huge fan of the fact that you incorporated an Inika torso piece in the MOC’s build.

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Thanks! I like the ultra-wide, bulky shouldered look it gives him. For a Toa or humanoid type MOC it probably wouldn’t look as good. But for a battle droid, I think it looks “tanky” if you know what I mean.


a tiny surge with muscles

I’d try making it more unique tbh

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That’s a fair critique. I really like the Surge color palette though.