earliest version of your self MOC

Having recently gotten back into bionicle, I figured I’d work on a self-MOC for the sake of it-- but while planning it out I stumbled across a photo on my ancient brickshelf account taken circa 2006/7. I would’ve been about 13 or 14 at the time:

Does anyone else still have photos of their early self-MOCs? When are they from? How have they changed to their current incarnations?


I don’t have any photos of my Self-MOCs from 2010-2015. Although in November of 2015 I made the first version of my current Self-MOC. But it was pretty different back then, for some reason it had a really weird torso that barely was a torso at all and really short limbs. Also I gave my Self-MOC a Tryna for some reason. Then I made some other versions that I never took pictures of until this version from early 2017.

Now I’m working on a revamp.


I dig it-- nice blend of CCBS and more traditional parts.

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I don’t know if I have a picture of any of my earlier Self Mocs, I changed self moc quite often as a kid.

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Yeah, so did I, to a degree. the original pic I posted up there is cropped from a group shot of 4 different versions, 2 of whom had multiple forms (iirc one was evil and the others were from different timelines), plus I definitely remember there being another larger one I never photographed.


Here’s a couple pictures of the earliest version of my self moc, interestingly the torso build has stayed the same ever since. It was made early this year


I hate this.

Here you go:

For some reason my self MOC’s, who entire basis was G1 based, first version was an HF build with an entirely new/‘future story’.

I may have 3 self MOC’s but Tekan is the first.

Seeing as how others are doing this, here’s Tekan now:


I made a post on Mocpages showing how much my self moc change over the years, and for the most part the idea and the design of him stayed the same, some what




Kaos then (also the first moc I posted here when I joined.)

Kaos now


Ooh boy, this will tame some digging.

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I had to dig through my old (and badly organised) brickshelf account, so you’re not alone there!

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Oh boy, this is a rabbit hole.

Here’s original Ghar and his gigantic crossbow. His original name was Garan, but that was already a name in Bionicle, which I had forgotten.

The next oldest version was Ghar V1, which I was really proud of at the time:

That design continued to evolve, got less and less ugly, until I decided to scrap that version. Now he looks like this:


Hmm. I can remake ot because i remember it perfectly

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This is actually my first self moc. I kinda went through a few variations (including a mech) before landing on Lazerine


I actually rebuilt RaptorTalon V1 a while ago, thanks to parts being freed up from V15.

Here’s an old, messy pic of them together.


It’s crazy to see how much you’ve improved since then.


@Da_Stronk_Destroyer First version is neat for what it is, but I’m digging the blend of system parts on the latest one.

@decepticonaiden Digging the integrated weapon storage on the hips-- feet are neat, too. Do the weapons he’s holding store anywhere?

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From what I remember, no. But his shoulder canons did fold up

Thanks, by the way!

i have a few pictures of my oldest self moc. but its on one of my other devices. and i’m replying with a computer. which does not have the pictures.

but when i have the time i’ll post my oldest forms of my self moc.

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