Easter Eggs/References in LEGO Content

...even if you're not entirely sure that they're intentional.

Essentially, if you can find some sort of actual reference, or something that's so coincidental it may as well be an actual reference, in LEGO content, then post it here.

I'll start.

The new villain for the next season of Ninjago (also known as Ninjago: Possession) is named Morro.

His element is wind.

Morro + Wind = Morrowind

Morrowind is a location in the Elder Scrolls universe.



There was a quote by "The Shadowed One" in the book Time Trap, where he said "I think enough hands have been removed this year". According to Greg Farshtey, this was an allusion to the amount of hands lost in lightsaber battles in Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith, which was also released in 2005.


Lego Harry Potter sounds very similar to a book series I read.


Is that confirmed?

It is. Not only can you see him using his powers in the German releases of the episodes, Sensei Wu himself calls him the Master of Wind in the Possession trailer.

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