EB Games 2006 BIONICLE PS2 competition

Any Aussie and New Zealander here will know this, I remember this competition when I was in grade 2 and I was 8 when this happened, But I wonder any other countries had something like this when winning the BIONICLE HEROES?


I don’t think this happened in Canada, but i cant b sure. They just handed them out at EB games?

yea this was back in 2006, EB Games was chosen by lego to do this but I wonder with other Game stores around the world might have done something like this

How have I never heard of this

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obviously Australia and New Zealand was chosen and perhaps a a connection with Bionicle G1 and Australian as in came there in 2000 and the Bionicle game competition, But I wonder if Australia would get 2016 set in December like 2000 with the Tohunga and 2001 with the Bohrok.