Ebay user selling Legends of Metru Nui movie storyboards!

I’ve already ordered three of these, and I recommend you do too before they’re gone
Link: bionicle | eBay


Holy crap…

This guy had to have worked on the movie, there’s no way he could have almost the entire movie in storyboards…


That account has storyboards from tons of different things. I don’t know how they get them.

most likely fakes. maybe not. idk, but I wouldn’t buy them.

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Seeing how many there are, I can believe it. Plus, as someone who’s watched the Special Features perhaps a million times, I can recognize these. I don’t think anyone could replicate/find this many pictures and put them all onto storyboard paper to fake them,

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not to say these are defiantly fakes, but if you put a piece of paper over a pc/tablet, it’s super easy to trace whatever on the screen. that and it’s been a long time since the movie.

that’s my reasoning at least

actually, ignore me and my previous comment, I haven’t yet gotten off my Mafia high.

Thanks for letting us all know :3

Have a bit of spare cash at the moment so why not :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, whether these storyboards are real or not, one or two seem very detailed, so i ended up getting the Vahki character art, just showing the design of the Vahki. I also ended up getting two of the Nidhiki and Krekka storyboards as Nidhiki was one of my favourite characters in the films.

If real, its a benefit. If its been drawn by someone else, honestly I’d expect to pay roughly that amount for a drawing of the characters in that level of detail - so no real loss personally if these turn out to be copies or something.


Seems intriguing, but I’m saving up for Lewa and Uxar.

So its been a while, and I’ve been purchasing a few storyboards from this account. Everything seemed fine, except for the following aspects;

  • The seller charges you for the cost of shipping per item, though lumps them all together meaning he’s making a profit on each multi-order while you lose out
  • Because of the seller throwing everything into the same package, if your item is missing, Ebay will not refund you and the seller will not respond
  • The seller has no communication and when you message them, they will not respond.

Put short and sweet, it appears that this is either an occasional scammer or simply incompetent as an Ebay seller.

Also if you see this storyboard -


As this is the one i did not receive from the seller and i believe he may use the same storyboard when conning buyers.

For the record i am talking from experience of having brought over 10 storyboards. If you want to make the decision to buy from the seller its up to you. Just wanted to warn people as a lot of people will leap before they look.

Update on situation;

  • Got in contact with Ebay and managed to speak to a real person
  • Managed to get a response from seller
  • Seems this issue has happened before because of one of his departments
  • Stated he’ll ship the missing storyboard.