Echo, Reaper of the Undead v4

Hello, I’m back. This time with an update on my self Moc, Echo. I’ve decided for him to be a toa of spirits. Also, Echo was a WIP for quite a while. I’m talking months. Anyway, here he is, Echo v4…

I decided to give Echo earbuds. I just liked the idea.

Echo with his axe of spirits

Echo with his duel blades

Nyran shot
That’s all for now, see you in the next one.


Fairly nice, but I suggest using more custom limbs, for the pure CCBS makes it a little too simple and bland. Good work thought! I really like his chest area and his legs. overall I like it!

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I feel like a bit of tweaking could make this moc pretty neat. Also, it might need to be a bit taller.