So a while back I made a moc based by the song Echo by Crusher-P. I really enjoyed that moc but I felt that it could use some touch-ups. Fast forward an I feel that I made some improvements.

What I did was I made adjustments to the shoulders so they don’t look as awkward. I also changed the lower legs sow they flow better, and I FINALLY got rid of the ugly silver that had to be incorporated into it because of the chest.

Backstory and personally: Electronically Coordinated High-tech Operator, or Echo, is a second gen VA-M01 entertainment robot designed to produce music and visuals. She is timid although she does enjoy entertaining and audience. Her favorite types of music are classical, and enka.
More pictures:

But wait, there’s more!

She has a sister.

Bactstory and personality: Wildfire, unlike her sister, is much more comfortable on stage. and enjoys being in the spotlight. She has an energetic personality and her confidence can come off as being egocentric. She acts as the main singer for her and her sister’s performances and doubles as a field anchor for the news and frequently interviewing guests. Her favorite types of music are rock, pop, and electronic.
more pictures:

hope you enjoyed the show!


These look amazing from most angles. The front is amazing, even the Nuva pads look fitting (which is rare). The only problem I have is the back, which is kinda open, and a little lacking.

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I kinda like the previous version from the amount of bulk-

The moc is slimmed down, but the build is more cohesive, and I don’t like how the back thigh looks.


This looks pretty good.
@BrokenAxels… I’m pegging you.

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I don’t know where that is from but it is an amazing gif.

Where is it from?


i cri everytim


Girls und Panzer. I haven’t seen it but it’s pretty popular online.

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