Eclipse, Demon of Shadows

Hello again people of the TTV forums! I’m back with a new moc, this time, it’s Eclipse, Demon of Shadows. He’s one of the main antagonists in a series I’m working on with a friend.

Here’s a body shot…not much to say…
Close up on dat leg…Once again, spiky things are cool.

Here’s his arm…clawed fingers signify evil.

Here’s his lovely chest and head. Why does he have one of those telescope eyes? BECASUE EVERY FREAKIN WHITE MASK HAS ONE! (because he makes all the evil gadgets)

Here’s a shot of him deciding to do a cool pose instead of standing still like a lame person.

There would be a cool shadow effect here, but the photo got lost…ah well…

Here, Eclipse is doing a pose Master Chef will do in EVERY HALO GAME EVER.

OMG WHAT’S HAPPENING?! sound effect
BAM! Now he is Doc Ock. Is this the real Alpha Kopaka?

Here’s Eclipse looking mighty evil…

Eclipse used Vine Whip! It’s Super Effective!

Here’s Eclipse fighting Tranon. This picture is of an older version of Tranon, he doesn’t use a sword and shield anymore.

What’s this? A zoom in on his hand? sound effect

BAM! Now he has shadow whips!



Edit: Let’s keep this family friendly, please.


That ending should be removed. I think the Mods and Cast would like this forum to be as Family Friendly as possible.

Other than that, I like it a lot. I’d love to see my MOC and his vehicle go up against him. Evil battle of massive proportions!

Oh, god…Tentacles…Why does it always have to be tentacles…

Because tentacles…are


Sigh Because tentacles are…Tentacool.

ba dum tssssss

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Claps Hands

Takes Bow

Throws Out Flowers

You’re too kind…

He reminds me of Slenderman.

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Well, that’s the idea…reminds you of evil things.

Wow this moc’s amazing! Maybe one of the best mocs I’ve seen in my entire life, no joke! ~detox

Everything about him is awesome, but I really like how you made his ankles bulky. Kinda like the mata nui set

What’s not family friendly? Is it the gif or something?

I sorta kinda maybe made a reference to how in adult Japanese videos people get touched inappropriately by tentacles…