Edna the Matoran Asasin

So I made a matoran using the Metru torso and some HF parts.


Guns can be easily stored on the back when the blades are in use.


And here is a look at the back.

And a link to the wikia article detailing her history.


Assassin, there no issues.

Try making a topic with that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty Good!

It won’t let it be a topic title.

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Heaven forbid you try to make a topic with the name of the first Robin in it. Dang censor. :joy:

Cool moc, if a bit bland.

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There are a lot of topics on the boards with the word Assassin.

Completely wrong with this one. There are tons of them with the wright spelling. Just type in “assassin” at the search bar.

And none of them have the word spelled correctly, from what I’ve seen.

Anyways, nice MOC. I like the way that you built the guns.

Huh. Tried editing it. Weird.

Anyway pretty good moc


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Does it have to be assassin, though, or can the word be substituted for something else? Personally, I’d go with Edna the Clipper, which has a nice ring to it, but a thesaurus might help out if you’re not sold on that particular term.
As for the MoC itself, it looks nice, but I’d recommend swapping out that Metru torso for a dark blue version, just so the mask doesn’t stick out as much.

Not to be picky but you spelt assassin wrong. Good moc anyways!

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He can’t spell it correctly. The boards censoring system won’t allow it, due to the swear word inside it.

Also, Edited Title to remove unnecessary stuff ~OT

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It says the reason in the title.

Also as a Master I tried fixing it so… Eh

I realised after i posted

Yea, I was going for minimal color here for RP purposes. Assassins can’t be bright and shiny. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought about that, but then I felt that I would have to add some more dark blue armor and I didn’t feel that I could without it looking bulking.

The hands come in dark blue, though I’m not too sure about the feet.
Swap those out too, and you don’t have to worry about any additional bulk.

Too messy in my opinion

I looked on Bricklink and could not find the hands in Dark Blue. The feet do however come in that shade courtesy of Berix. I may have to update this moc with some more dark blue…Thanks for the comment. :smile:[quote=“SonicBionicleMaster, post:17, topic:39178, full:true”]
Too messy in my opinion

That doesn’t help me at all…Can you tell me what feels messy so I can better improve my mocs in the future? :stuck_out_tongue:

Right. Might’ve been thinking about Mata Blue.
My bad.