Effunderax (Dinosaurs of Bota Magna)

Instructions, stud.io file

“These feathered dinosaurs once browsed Bota Magna’s low-lying vegetation. Now their range extends south into the former wastes. You can identify Effunderax from afar by their distinctive deep calls, which sound like something between a Boggarak’s hum and draining water. They produce these bellows in their hollow head crests. Reports from the north suggest some engineered specimens’ calls can damage structures and trigger mudslides… luckily Effunderax are not aggressive. Still, no one should chance an encounter with a herd’s worth of beaks and spines.” —Turaga Norik, Beasts of Spherus Magna

Here is my entry into DuckBricks’ Dinosaurs of Bota Magna contest!

The name Effunderax comes from Bionicle-ified Latin: effundere “drain, gush” + -ax (to sound like an Agori word)

Thank you for looking. I’d appreciate any feedback you have!


Looking good. The color scheme and design are neat.

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Love the head and shaping although I don’t know who I feel about the green lower half.

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Thank you both! I was surprised the Antroz wing kinda looks like a bird head but didn’t know what to do with it for a long time. Then I realized it could work for a dinosaur too, so I decided to enter the contest. As for the color scheme, since I wanted the dino to look feathery, I thought it’d be interesting to give it a jarring color scheme like some birds have. It does mean the colors aren’t balanced though.


Clever coupling of the black/red Keerakh staff with Antroz’ wing. Frames this guy out really well


very clever!

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You deserve at least a runner-up prize. This is amazing! Is that an actual fan fiction you quoted?


This might be my favorite so far. So clever, so unique, so colorful, so Bionicle. One of the few entries I’ve seen that I’d actually want to recreate.

Best of luck to you sir!


It’s fun when pieces from different waves look like they belong together because of shared motifs like the spines. Thank you!

Thank you! It took some trial and error to get everything to fit together correctly, especially the sides of the torso. I’m glad you like the result.

Thank you! The quote isn’t from a larger piece. I just wrote up this one excerpt. I like the idea that once the Toa Hagah become Turaga, they have the time to write a sequel to their Rahi guidebook.

Quite the compliment. Thank you! I’ll update the main post with instructions.


That’s really cool! Although I feel like Kualus would be better for narrating due to his rahi obsession


Thanks! I chose Norik because the Bionicle Encyclopedia said he specialized in reptiles as a Rahaga. But since Kualus specialized in flying Rahi, I imagine he’d document the pterosaurs!


I hope to build this when I get the chance, but in the meantime, here’s a render of the Effunderax with a certain alien observer.


Sorry for the late response. Thanks for sharing your render! It’s good you were able to get the model’s head colored correctly. As for Norik, I like how you did the cloth, and it’s fitting how his Turaga staff matches his Rahaga staff. Where is his mask from?

If you ever do choose to build an Effunderax physically, please let me know!


One of the last Galvapacks. It’s on Voot’s studio guide