Efotsa, Toa of Fire

Well Howdy! I’m Kijat, And I’ve I’ve made my first Toa moc in years, Efotsa (“eh-FOHTS-ah”), the etymology from the Matoran Dictionary is , E- “make”, Foto “ember,spark”, and -sa “hungering”

Here’s how he’s constructed.

Talking to a local Ga-Matoran

Being confused by a Christmas Nougat

Making a jump across a ravine

His weapons are a giant claw arm and a forearm mounted dart gun.

Feeding a bird-like Rahi


This is a good start for sure, but the MOC could definitely be improved upon.

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I was really just working off of what parts I had left that could feasibly be scrambled into a Toa, but I feel I got some great personality out of it despite that.

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I honestly find these rather charming.

Yep looks way more like a beefed up Matoran. 5/10

The chest and back look very bare, the open sockets look really weird. His legs also look very bare, when it comes to weapons, they’re also not the best, the claw is good, not giant but good, a dart gun may need more work. A good start, but needs more time.

He actually was originally planned to be a Matoran, but I lacked enough parts that would’ve let me build him at that scale at the time. Didn’t find that out until after I built his frame though.

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