Ehlek Revamp by graceben

Hey guys this is my third Bionicle Titan! This is Ehlek years after the destruction of Voya Nui. He has adapted to be able to breathe on land and water now so he is even more dangerous with his squid blaster and his huge spear-club thing. He used a gold zamor sphere to siphon the power from various deep sea creatures to become the most powerful and most feared barraki ever!

The build is 15 inches tall and uses almost all the green pieces in my collection. He is very stable due to his double leg design and thin eel-like torso. He has really cool spikes, teeth, and mandibles which make him look very menacing.

He has much articulation in his torso so he can twist and turn like an eel. However, his fingers are not articulated because he uses the ehlek and vezon claw pieces as hands, which are one piece. His shoulders utilize green mask pieces for armor of the upper arm, which is a cool feature in my opinion.

Hope you enjoyed my Ehlek revamp. The Barraki were my favorite characters from Bionicle so this is so of course my favorite in my series!
#BarrakiLiveOn :wink:

also @LurkingEhlek


one problem
the legs
thin them down
make it look like a eel

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@Whaddon Can’t be any thinner otherwise it would fall over xD


I really like it. A bigger Ehlek was a good idea.

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Just take it all.


I didn’t know you were working out!

Yep I was.
And no simple tricks.

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@Whaddon I thought the legs were too thin. Looks like they can’t support the torso. This is why you can’t skip leg day everyone.

I like the Revamp overall , except the green staff weapon it looks way to big in his hand

This is how I imagine Ehlek looking before he was mutated in the pit.

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i like it but he looks too beefy imo

Does that spear stay up?