Ehyre Revamp

This is an Ehyre revamp, inspired by they Orkahm and Akhmou by @legomaster1378 , meant to be nearly as asymetrical and ugly as the Mahiki (more the first than the second)

His little back fins are also articulate:

Here’s an action pose:

Here’s his skeleton:

Sorry if the pictures aren’t too good.


It seems interesting enough, but I’d ditch the loin-cloth.

loincloth is questionable and unneeded

parts of him don’t mix well but he’s alright

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0/10 ehrye is missing his signature blue nipples


in @Eljay voice Hey! The Mahiki is not a dumb mask! :wink:

Well, I’m certainly flattered by this. That white CCBS looks really slick and the proportions aren’t too bad.

That being said, there’s room for improvement. I recommend using TECHNIC to fill out some of the gaps. You might wanna try and come up with a more natural head connection too. However, by far the biggest thing you can do is take better pictures. Try to find yourself a nice plain backdrop (a white sheet works nicely) and be sure to use some lamps to get good lighting. A good presentation works wonders on MOCs. :smiley:


Wow. Ehyre went through a growth-spurt and became a Jedi!

The armoring is kind of awkward, but the skeleton somewhat works.


he’s missing his sexy blue nipples

I sad

this moc is alright, though there’s something a little odd with the 2.0 chestplate and hordika one


This MOC is pretty cool!

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@Middlefingerstudios, @Pot8o

This better?


close enough


How much experience do you have with TECHNIC? Because if you make a custom-built torso, blue nipples won’t be too hard to insert. :wink:

I have more experience than I do resources.

Aight, I get ya. Do you have access to some sort of clean backdrop (preferable grey for this MOC)?

Nop. And I’ve already dismantled this MOC, so it would be of little use anyways.

Alright. How about for future creations?

Well, I’ve got a Takanuva revamp I could attempt to get something set up for.

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Looking forward to seeing it. :smiley:

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