Einzelgänger Magnum

Einzelgänger Magnum

Experimental prototype SMG. Possesses state-of-the-art AI systems. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances led to the AI integrating itself to a police drone, giving itself full autonomy. Retrieving the unit will be… difficult to say the least.

more photos. Heavily inspired by this piece of concept art.


Looks like a mech from kuromukuro

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Dunno why but this gave me a Borderlands vibe. I really like the exposed machinery on the torso contrasted with the cleaner look of the rest of the MOC.

Looks really cool, I like the gun.

Shock and awe. Please stop showing the rest of us plebs up.

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Is it stable? Those legs are awfully spindly, good detail though.

Chappie? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t say I’ve ever seen it

Thank you! Never was a big fan of Borderlands, but I can definitely see it.

Thanks, guys! Glad you like it.

Yep! the legs aren’t really the problem, but the foot has a kind of weak connection so that breaks off sometimes, but there’s no trouble standing it.

Never seen it

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Dang, really? The resemblance is uncanny

He’s even an advanced human-level, to be exact AI which was downloaded into a police robot :stuck_out_tongue:

Though to be fair, the film was very average, so eh :stuck_out_tongue:

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