Ek and Maethorneth at Brickfair Alabama


We’re here now. Gonna be here all weekend. Displaying in the Bionicle section, as expected.

If you’re in the area and feel like dropping in, you know where to find us. If not though…we’re doing a sort of Q&A on the side. Any questions you ask us (only staff can do AMAs, but contacting us through PM or off boards should be fine) will be answered as long as it’s within reason.

We’ll be posting pictures and potentially even doing vlogs through the weekend.

I’ve already spotted a few board member’s displays too, so keep an eye out for those! ;D


Im only two states away. I might g-

*realizes im only 13


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aw man
if i lived remotely close to Alabama i’d totally go

hope you guys have tons of fun!
also i’m curious, what type of mocs are you and maethor bringing?


Man I would love to go and check all those gorgeous bonkles, if only alabama wasnt 7054 km away from me…

Hey man, I can’t drive on my own either. I just hijacked a parent to sit there in the side seat :stuck_out_tongue:

He brought his Self-MOC and a small CCBS build, plus all six of his Mata revamps. I brought Entropy, Silent Fire, Oasis and Aurai, all of which have already been posted here.

Ouch. Pretty hefty distance. I’ll be posting pictures at the very least! :slight_smile:


@Ekorak I doubt my parents would have the time to drive a minimum 6 hours for a lego convention. Ill TRY to give it a shot, though.

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If they don’t, they don’t. Sad but true.

If you can make it though, you know where to find us!

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@Ekorak Im tryin to sweettalk my mom right now.

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Try promising to clean your room.That usually works :stuck_out_tongue:

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My rooms already clean.


Edit: Weelp.

Thats a no.

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Drat. Need a backup plan!

EDIT: Welp. I’ll keep you posted with pictures. Some cool stuff here!

i might be able to go to brickfair virginia though.

Don’t know if I’ll be at that one. Suppose it hinges on how the semester plays out for me.

I wish I could go… Except for the fact that it is 1009 miles away / 1624 km away. Sometimes, it isn’t that great to be Canadian. Pictures would be cool.

Can’t wait to see pics!

I’d love to meet Board members in reality one day…but alas I’m but a humble non-driving high school senior…:stuck_out_tongue:

######I’m also pretty far from Alabama…

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Same, although I do have a permit

Also, have fun there Ek

Have fun!

plotting intensifies

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Behold, only four days late.
The abomination that is…

…Ek and Evan doing a vlog thing.
We didn’t get one on Sunday sadly. We also did like ten on Friday that ALL failed.

Either way, enjoy, if such a thing is possible.


Oh hey.

that was thoroughly enjoyable

rip the vlogs on friday
rip potential vlogs on sunday
rip me for not flying there on sunday