Ekimu 2015 revamp

Wow a moc that isn't my self moc. Who would've thought.

But all jokes aside, this is a simple but in my opinion effective revamp for the 2015 Ekimu the mask maker from the skull grinder and mask maker set.

The more transparent blue I think really makes the figure in the original set and wanted to put more of the color in it.

I added more friction on the back and added a crank instead of a gear because I had no room to put on the washer and then the gear. So I compromised.

if you look at the hammer, it doesn't have the stud shooter function like the set.

Here is a size comparison with a water bottle and my self moc M4T7.

Thanks and feel free to criticise


I Feel like his shoulders are too broad


I feel he's too bulky for his height.

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First of all, I need to ask you "what was your goal with this revamp"? It doesn't change the size or complexity very much, and I honestly think the original Ekimu build is more the satisfactory.

The armour add-ons as shoulders look perfectly find, as do the crystal pieces on the legs (though they feel a tad bulky to me). The chest, as others have noted, looks too big. That piece works very well on a traditional torso piece, but here it just makes him look portly and fat.


I really don't know what my goal is with this revamp, I just wanted to build an ekimu with some extra things tying the 2016 to a and 2016 ekimu together. But I get what you're saying with that he looks fat bit I really like the kopaka on ekimu. But, I did originally had two 5 long gold ccbs parts on the gearbox to simulate paldrens and took them out of the moc for some reason. But thanks for your input

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I think the crystal armor is out of place, the Kopaka chest plate makes him look fat, the arms lose the royalty vibe. IMO I prefer the 2015 Ekimu more

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I really like this! I love how it looks like JTO Makuta. Probably use the Ekimu shoulder armour though.

i feel like he's to bulky on the top and the crystals on the shins look weird on this moc

Pretty much agree with what everyone else has said. He looks pretty chubby and I think the OG Ekimu shoulders would have worked better.

Aside from the chubby look, your revamp uses several large pieces, creating some odd textures and making the color distribution look a bit forced. One of the things that I really liked about the original MMvSG Ekimu was that he had a pretty smooth, consistent color scheme and textures; in my opinion, mixing the crystal armor add-on and the 2015 add-on in such a small MOC is a little too much. He looks as though he has some disproportionate areas of gold as well.

That being said, I wouldn't have ever thought to use Kopaka Master's chest plate on Ekimu, and I appreciate the creativity. You kept some of the really core aspects of the character, and I think that it looks nice because of it.

I think the chest is fine, considering it reminds me of Makuta from JtO before he was mutated.