Ekimu, Makuta, and Karzahni Origins Pitch

The Great Beings: On a planet, there’s a family. In the family, there’s The Father, The Mother, Makuta (the oldest), Ekimu (the second-oldest), and Karzahni (the youngest). Each Great Being has a flaw: Makuta’s being fear, Ekimu’s being loneliness, and Karzahni’s being dependent and needing of love. To counteract the flaw, the Great Being dynasty gives a gift to each child as a way to be immune to that flaw. They give Makuta, whose greatest fear is simply lack of control, the Mask of Control, which can persuade even the strongest of minds, and take complete control over the weak minds. To Ekimu, who the parents favored, believing he was the perfect example of the Great Being they wanted to continue the dynasty, they gave the Mask of Creation, which would allow him to form landmasses and provide the three brothers with the means of creating inorganic life. When Karzahni became of age, the parents did not fix his flaw with a mask, as they did not care for Karzahni. Believing his flaw was kindness and being naive, they gave him the Mask of Alternate Futures in order to show him the real world. While the Mask of Creation and the Mask of Control were forged by The Father, the final mask was an old, unwanted Great Mask. Unfortunately, the Mask broke him. Karzahni had become crazy. In the plan the parents had, Ekimu would rule over all life, while Makuta would provide him the subjects, and Karzahni would be the advisor to Ekimu. However, Ekimu and Makuta had other plans. In their anger at the parents for giving Karzahni the mask, and for all they had done to Karzahni. Karzahni had been neglected his entire life, so he still was a child at heart. So when the parents decided Karzahni was no longer worthy to be the advisor to Ekimu, they threatened to leave Karzahni stranded on some planet and destroy the galaxy the planet belonged to. Retaliating, Makuta and Ekimu plotted to take down their parents, and launch Karzahni to a distant galaxy where they would meet later. Makuta fights The Father, while Ekimu fights The Mother, while Karzahni prepares a pod. Makuta removes the mask from The Father. Now The Father’s flaw is also fear, but his is a fear of death. So his mask was a mask chosen to prolong his life, called the Vahi, or the Mask of Time. So when Makuta removed the mask, The Father lost the power, and grew back to his real age, so old he died instantly. Running from The Mother, Ekimu took the mask from Makuta, and they tried to escape The Mother, who Ekimu could not beat. As the two young Great Beings entered the pod room, and find The Mother holding Karzahni, telling them to surrender themselves and the Mask of Time. Ekimu blasted her with a blast from the mask, and turned her back to a young adult, causing her to drop Karzahni. Hopping into the pods, Makuta launched all the pods, stranding The Mother on the planet. Makuta had plotted the course to a planet where an island could keep them safe. Flying away, Karzahni looked back, and noticed the planet had a mysterious red glow. Landing on Arthaka, the three brothers chose it to be their new home.

I know this needs A LOT of work, I wrote it quickly, so it’s going to be confusing, but hey, that’s you guys can help me with.

My ideas for some G1 connections, plus plot elements are as follows: The planet the three brothers lived on would be (or at least look like) the Red Star. I’m not suggesting the repairing thing, just that it is important because it is the home of the family. I was thinking the pods could be the canisters with the masks, but I don’t know how that would work. My original idea was that the parents would be named Sidorak and Roodaka, and that Roodaka could be a future villain, but then I heard Meso mention someone named Annona, so maybe she could be the Mother. What do you guys think? Need any clarification? Some ideas for connections? I’ll be posting my Barraki pitches soon.