Ekimu the Master of EVIIIIIILLLLL! (WIP-Updated)

Hey guys, just thought I'd show off a new MOC I've been playing around with for giggles, this is (As the title suggests) an evil version of Ekimu, be it one who in some Mirrorverse reality put on the Mask of Ultimate Power instead of his ambitious brother

OR this is Ekimu's True Form after he Masterfully manipulated the Toa into sealing up LoSS and the Skull Raiders, stopping Umarak and keeping Makuta, the only threat to his plans for ruling over Okoto, forever trapped in the Shadow Realm whilst simultaneously removing the Toa from their plane of existence! <<< and for all intents and purposes this paragraph is a joke :slight_smile:

Anyhow the MOC itself is quite large and it's probably the largest MOC (w/CCBS) I've ever done, overall I'm quite happy with how he came out he's more or less around the same size as the JtO Makuta/Shadow Titan Makuta with Makuta being just a hair taller and bulkier at the torso. The Hammer works and this model can swing it (however due to it's size, the Gearbox can only hold it in certain ways or it'll just fall limp because it's too heavy). There's a few gaps here and there that I'd like to fix but I wanted him to be able to move around and function like a set so I couldn't fill him out as much as the JTO Makuta for coverage. I also am playing around with the some of the Trans-Blue and Gold on him in attempt to see if I can balance out the color scheme (For example I'm swapping Onua Uniters armor pieces on his feet for Kopaka's as I don't have the Trans-Blue infusions), I also wanna play around with that big XL chest piece some more. But I think he's good enough to show off now and I hope you enjoy him and maybe get some laughs out it.

Edit: OK so after getting some feedback on the torso and the chest area (Specifically that XL piece) I've KIND OF started to add temporary fixes to it, first off I've done my best to remove the gap with what I have for right now and I cannibalized another MOC (RIP unnamed MOC) to go in and add some more technic beams on the inside to close up some gaps a bit (still not sure about it tbh but it looks better IMHO) I also just outright removed Kopaka's chest plate from the Rib Cage piece and moved it up over the XL chest (may or may not stay there still deciding) Though I don't like the Uniter Piece in it's place....might try something else with that part. Overall it's still a bit too flat for me and I'm STILL trying to blend it all together but I don't think that's going to be possible (in the way I want) with the limited parts I'm working with for right now (more parts on the way #MoneyTrap) But what do you guys think? Better? Worse?? Same?? Lemme know and I'll see what I can do :wink:

UPDATED 1-25-2017


I had to.


No joke that's exactly what I was thinking of when I posted this XD

oh my...
The XL chest poorly contrast with the entire body, the claw doesn't work on this, and the lack of kilt make this bare naked.
This is a wip, but I hope to see a more different appearance later on-


Yah I'm waiting for the Cloth piece to come in so I can work on the "Battle Skirt" portion of the model unfortunately that was only available in Russia so I'm basically waiting on that to get here.

"The claw" I'm assuming is referring to the hands(?) and that's just because I wanted him to parallel with the JtO Makuta. I actually don't like them all that much but thus far they're the only way I can think of that give him big menacing hands...and hold his hammer.

The XL chest is something I borrowed from the Umarak combiner but yah I'm playing around with A) closing the gap and B) fluffing his torso out some more as it is more noticeable than I want it to be. Just waiting on some more trans-blue pieces as well as pins and axles to come in from Bricklink.

This is pretty good. Though the torso could use some refining. Also, what set had a large chest plate in gold?


Yah like said to previous comment, I'm trying to fluff out the Torso because it's a bit gappy and barren on the sides. The XL piece came from Gorzan's Ultrabuild I just didn't put the Stickers on it.

Now I was thinking this song...

I like the model, but the chest is a big problem for me. I feel like the circular decoration doesn't need to be there (unless you want it there, in which case it would look better to ditch the super torso and integrate it differently). The Kopaka chest armor leaves a gap in the middle of his torso, which looks pretty bad. However, if I'm reading correctly, these are things you are already planning on fixing, so okay.

I very much agree on the Disney Wheel Decoration on the chest, I don't like it either (especially with Ekimu's shield having the same piece and that grey half pin sticking out like a sore thumb). I kind of want to remove it entirely and make like some custom stickers for the chest though that would expose his ball and socket that attaches his head in a very similar fashion to the Skull Grinder vs Mask Maker +Skull Scorpio combiner (and I don't want that either!)

I don't plan scrap the whole Torso but I'm probably going to play around with the Torso's build on the inside to see If I can mesh it together a little better and fix that glaring gap once I get some things.

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Wonder what Maukta would look like in that alternate universe.

Ekimu no!!! You OD'd on the mask of creation! Now you look like the joker from the Arkham games.

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A few gents on here have already done so, they're actually what kind of inspired me to make an Evil Ekimu counterpart :wink:

@Zero haha he does look kind of like that.



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It's a neat little (Hah!) MOC, but I think his torso is just a tad, well, chunky.

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