Ekimu The Survivor.

This is a quick moc I built, its supposed to represent Ekimu in a more desolate Okoto. My goal for this moc was to simply create my own torso armor.

I would appreciate any criticisms as this is one of my first non standard mocs. Thank you in advance!


I love the complexity of his torso

The torso Armour is decent, it sticks out and doesn’t properly cover the figure.

The back Armour plate feels slapped on, due to the limited connections to the ccbs torso, maybe try building a custom torso so the torso armour blends feels natural

For the leg with the life counter try attaching it like the star-wars sets so there is armour on the leg and the life counter still attaches


This version of ekimu is better than anything Lego gave us

Thank you! I’ll use your advice on my next moc. I’m not very good at custom torsos, but i’ll certainly try to make one next time!

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The leg proportions are odd
The torso needs to be worked on, maybe use a custom torso

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The torso and legs are my main problem with this moc.
The lower legs are way too short and the upper left leg look really bare bones and open.
And the torso is very open and awkward. Plus that big Bitil wing on the back doesn’t help.

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The back looks unfinished, but the torso design looks good for a first try.

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Looks cool, but the chest seems to jut out a little bit to far from the rest of his body.

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It looks like obi one. Or it looks like a brown Ekimu got odd armor and a custom torso. A custom torso that would be better on a robo cyborg instead of a revamp.

Cool moc. Even with my complaints

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