Ekimu The Toa of Creation

Edit- I don’t know why the pictures are like that I don’t know how to fix it sorry.

So this is my Ekimu Moc and I’ve had it since 2016 (kind of late to put it on here) but all the Ekimu Mocs I have seen are in my opinion kind of ugly so I took it upon my self to create my own and here it is

I’m sorry the quality is not that good

The back story on this guy is that during the battle with Makuta he used the Mask of Creation to add on to him self with more armor and bigger limbs, after killing Makuta he used his new body to become the Toa Of Creation. Now I know this is simple and there is a reason for that. My moc method is to make something I could see in stores as a standalone set and I think I achieved that. Please voice your selves I would like too hear you all your thoughts on my Moc


I would say that you achieved your goal. Maybe next time set higher goals?

Thanks, I have tried to make bigger Moc e but they come out kind of ugly and gappy, I like sticking to smaller mocs anyway. And thanks for the feed back again

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I understand. Most of my mocs are on the smaller side, but just because a moc is small it does not mean it can’t be custom. Also, welcome to the boards. :slight_smile:

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Looks pretty good. Definitely like it more than the set version

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this is basicly ekimu the stock set with a melding with kopaka the stock set, i am not impressed, and you took away the gear functions

Well… my style of MOC is something that I believe I’d see on Shelves in stores, so this was my best idea of what the Ekimu The mask maker set was supposed too be. And I think I achieved it well, and yes I did take the gear functipns away because the gear functions sucked hard