Ekimu's battle forge

Any one else think Ekimu’s hammer is a little small? Sure it would be fine for making masks or putting up a shelf but the old Mask maker is now running around with the Toa vanquishing the undead and saving Okoto.

The shaft is made from the new Lightsaber hilts for two reasons, one it’s thicker then an axle and two it allows for hands to be positioned at varying points along the shaft, as demonstrated here.

There is one down side however, it’s heavier then a protector.

Though that’s not that much of a problem.


It’s the Hammer of Orlonn

This is so over the top crazy.

And I absolutely love it XD!

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Well built hammer, but it just feels unrealistically unwieldy with Ekimu.


Well it was what I was going for, just an earth shattering legendary weapon, though I see what you mean.

Though is it that unwieldy if it can be held aloft in one hand?

Ehh, I just find it strange. If Ekimu and the hammer were real, he wouldn’t be able to lift it. All of stuff in between would probably be filled in.

I don’t know, I just prefer somewhat realistic weapons, and I don’t think this quite fits the bill.


that’s a big hammer head

I’d stay outside if I had to go to this guy’s courthouse!

Seems to me that this version of Ekimu must have taken this to heart:


Ekimu, the monster hunter :smile:

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Or a Poppy Main

The trans blue pieces might be looked at as weightless energy, and considering that Ekimu used up so much gold for the masks, the “gold” part of the hammer is probably just painted tinfoil, which doesent weight so much either. And the shaft is probably just a painted stick. So I supose He can lift it just fine… :smiley:
But then again,that probably woudnt be the best weapon to BE A HERO, so yeah. Whatever. Have some pills :pill: :pill: :pill:

That is a…
Big hammer
I wonder what it would look like on a toa sized figure…

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By Grathbar’s hammer!

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Holy freaking hammer!


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Looks like Ekimu took “Speak softly and carry a big stick” a bit too literally.

Great work, I love this massive hammer. The bottom of the head could be improved, but otherwise I think it’s a fantastic weapon.

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There’s a hammer fit for the gods.


Or Yorlles

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I can only imagine the nightmare it is to pose Ekimu with that hammer

Actually it’s surprisingly easy, provided he’s standing on a surface that has some friction to it, that’s part of the reason the shaft is made of the lightsaber hilts too as having the hands able to hold it at varying points distributes the weight where its needed.