Ekorak's MOC Topic

In other words, this is where I'll post assemblies of plastic pieces from children's toys that I have made into more professional looking children's toys.

Let's start off with my System stuff. All one of them.

Self-Mixel, Ichodrak, appear!

Moving on to my favored area, BIONICLE and CCBS!

This is "Nightmare," the Demon Lord of Fear, and Ekorak's father.

And, for what I consider to be my greatest MOC yet.....

Ekorak, Dark Master of the Arcane, Lord of Fear!

This guy is my Self-MOC, and one of my three flagship characters, with the other being Rai, who would totally by in the original post, but can't because he is just a torso right now.

As always, critique is welcome.

I'm so sorry Chro I couldn't fix Ek's proportions to a way I liked so he's still the disturbingly mixed thing that I honestly still like :3


Nice. If I had to make any sort of suggestion for improvement, it'd be that Nightmare could use a little something to fill the holes on his face. Little black teeth parts would probably work fine. Your self-MOC has a nice nimble look to him, but his torso looks just a bit too scrawny. The shin armor also kinda bothers me, but I tend to get a bit too obsessed with symmetry.

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Body could be a bit bigger on Rak, but it is really cool everywhere else.

can't unsee new ek as kamen rider kiva...
he's even rider kicking.

great as always ek.


@Artakha_the_Creator Thanks. Unfortunately...yeah Nightmare, if you take a look closer, you'll find all his HF armor overlaps with what Ekorak has, due to my small collection. So, as he was just an entry for a contest, he's been, well, scrapped.

@squeaverking Everybody dislikes the fact that Ek is thin. Good heavens I'm a thin person in real life, why not in BIONICLE form (:P)

@Payinku Unable to unsee it? Well I guess I was the one who spent three minutes getting him into that kick pose.

Thanks to you all! More MOCs are coming......whenever I actually finish Rai!

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Hey Eko! All I will talk about is your new self-moc, so here we go.

Personaly, My favourite part of this version are legs... yeah thats all i like.
These Limbs shows one of best usages of Technic and "Character and Creature Building System" (Also know as ccbs).

Then, My least Loved parts are upper body and Head (I can get over body, but Head is... eh... its downgarde). Was head shrinked for Video purposes?

Overall, Self-moc itself is nice, but i still would prefer the Previous Version!


Let me tell you something about that head. Ekorak's head has been through MOCing HELL. It started as a larger Bohrok Va head, much like this current one but with silver and more armor. Then I moved onto V1M2's version, which was the incredibly blocky custom head. This remained V1M3, until, with much debate and even regret at times, I scrapped his Dark Alpha form, and built the M4's legs, seen here. This is actually V3M4, not V1M4. He's gone through two other versions, changing everything but the head and legs for V2, and then changing everything but the legs for V3. The reason it was moved back is just due to his styling. I do personally enjoy it, especially with the two balljoints compared to the last head's pin and joint connection.

This is V1M3:


Where to begin...

Not a fan of how you use the silver on Ek, you either need more of it or to get rid of it. The emptiness in the thighs is there. Also. That abdomen.

Feel like I've commented on Nightmare before. Just take the mass of lime off the knees.

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He's a scavenger. This is just armor from his adventures. I kinda like the style.

The thighs are to be honest, maybe not the best part, but I don't think they're bad.

Stormy, I've said it before. That was intentional. Your bulk loving self may not agree, but I think it suits Ek.

You posted a comment saying you were gathering your thoughts for your critique. Also:

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Well... I Like this version more! (also Nice scythe he had!). I still would like to have simmilar asymetry of the Newest one, but Eaven whout it it was preety good! I gues you ae planing to make more and more upgrades, thats right?

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Wow. That version seems pretty trashy to me (:P)

As for the upgrades question.....yes and no. For now, Ekorak is complete. He is not going to be changed much for a while. Rai, on the other hand, is currently being updated.