Ekuta, Toa of Twilight (Basically a G2 Version of Takutanuva)

BIO: In a alternate universe where Ekimu, The Mask Maker later Toa of Light when into the Reign of Darkness, to battle his brother Makuta The Dark Lord in the Grand Temple of Shadows where Ekimu and Agil fought against Makuta and Doutora, the Creature of Shadows, as they fought than Ekimu put out Makuta’s old mask, The Mask of Control and try to get the old self back by removing the Mask of Ultimate Power away as his tries do that than both they and their creatures fell into a mysterious pool of silver liquid that transformed into the Legendry Unity of light and shadow, the Great Ekuta, the Toa of Twilight who can bring peace to all in Okoto that he reformed Umarak, The Elemental Beasts, The Skull Raiders into his Order of Guardsmen, and make the Toa as Guardians to their Reigns, all no more darkness around the island is at hand.


Left Side


Right Side

His weapons are the Hammer of Twilight and The Great Shield

Other Pictures


Looks fairly standard, not a huge fan of the gunmetal.


I see before me a titanic wall of muscles, destruction, and justice, and I love it. This thing is amazing. I love the look of the shoulders and the lower legs. Instructions please?


Personally I would have used umarak the destroyer as a base, as I think this is a bit too small and Ekimu shaped to represent a fusion of the two brothers, also the gunmetal should really be black.

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Edited title for spelling and capital - Jack_Frost

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Well actually never thought of used Umarak the Destroyer’s form as based and used black than gunmetal, sadly the only two black pieces are on My need to been finished The Dark Lord Makuta, never owned any other pieces I might gets on Bricklink. Thank you @Jack_Frost for editing my so-so grammer and capital in the title.

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mixing trans-purple with trans-blue is a nah man

You can pretty much copy ekimu’s normal build switch the shells and get the model.


Actually it’s isn’t just Ekimu’s normal build, it’s a completely difference build all together.

I mean it is different, but like not that different, the moc is pretty straightforward with ekimu’s function.