El Cazador/The Hunter

Literally made out of pieces I found in a box on my shelf.
El Cazador
Spanish for The Hunter. Armed with a spear and a crossbow.


Not a pretty sight I know, it’s just a test of my MOCing abilities. Sorry for lack of a backstory, like I said, it’s a test.


dude its the crimson crusader!


oh my mata nui holy sh** whats that?

evil and pain incarnate

I am scare…hold me cat I is scare

Don worri I hold u

thats actually pretty rude and a horrible reason to hate on this moc

Well I was trying to make a joke, but I failed. If I offended you or Lelouch I am very sorry. The cazadores are a joke among players of the game for how early you can find them and how quickly they kill you. Now that I reflect the joke was in bad taste and I will remove it. I am very sorry. Instead of joking I should give constructive critique.

Lol its ok I know the true horror of the cazadores as well.
Especially when I first started and I had no idea what they were.
The why u do this was refrerring to the grim reminder of that, sorry for not specifying

Oh it’s OK. My personal thoughts on the MOC is

Things I like:

  • The black turaga masks as hands really work. I easily imagine them as large fists holding the weapons.
  • He looks like a hunter. The spear is something that I could see a hunter use. Same with the crossbow.
  • The color scheme for the most part works. Red is a nice accent color and goes well with black. The silver armor pieces go well with the silver weapons. The green armor pieces go well with the lightning and if the moc only had the lightning or the green armor it would look a lot worse.

Things I dislike:

  • The gold back armor pieces. They really break the color scheme IMO.
  • The blue mask. It just doesn’t work.

Ways I think it could be improved:

  • While the black silver piraka torso isn’t necessarily bad a black piraka torso would look much better.
  • Replacing the blue mask. I would suggest something dark red or black.

Thanks for the feedback.
I’ve been working on this for the past hour or so, trying to fix the problems I had with it, so I’ll take your advice.

That feel when you find the piece you’re looking for and it’s gone when you’re about to add it

I know that feel. It is an infuriating feel.

This MOC is pretty unoriginal and…
Wait… Is that a third leg?

:100:; 10/10, iz perfect! :stuck_out_tongue: