Eld Toa Of Fire

I am back with posting another moc after a few months now. This is my new Toa for my work in progress Toa team. Here is a fire Toa I built yesterday (19/4) and her name is Eld,nwhich is the Swedish word for fire.

I was using my irl Bionicle friend ToaTrex’s (check out his TTV and Instagram which are both ToaTrex. He got some amazing Mocs to show) Gali 2015 revamp (link to that revamp here: Gali revamp) for the torso and waist. The legs were also a mash up of designs he uses for his legs, both from his Gali and a few others.

He showed me how to make that build and I am so happy he helped me out to make a great moc. I couldn’t make her without his help so I thank him a lot for it. I am finally able to learn how to make bigger and better Mocs. This is the best moc I’ve done so far. It’s quite amazing, at least I think so.

I love everything about her: Her size, her articulation, her colors, her weight. Basically I love everything about it. I will hopefully get help to make my self moc from ToaTrex. I love this so much. I feel so proud of myself to be able to make my own good moc for once and not another Inika or basic G2 Toa build.

I hope you people like her too. I am open for critiscism but try and be a little constructive about it at least.


Eld is the Word for fire in swedish
Is that the name inspiration?

That’s legit her name. Eld is fire in Swedish. That’s the word.

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That’s pretty cool, but I don’t like the green parts.


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They only really came in because i thought i would be using a dark green character, but also because i couldn’t find my black Vahki waist so i had to use my dark green one. I like the dark green though.

Eld does have a strong G2 Tahu vibe (but not enough to consider to be a clone), the lower leg colors is less distracting than the metru dark-green and the neck is rather thin.

The Tahu colors only came into place since that what i own the most parts of. The swords i just wanted because i thought it would look good with her and i am not that good at designing weapons. The neck is just the same my friend did for his Gali revamp, but yeah it is thin but it isn’t always that visible depending on the pose and viewing angel. the dark green is only there because of the lack of a black vahki waist in my precense.

The build is interesting(in a good way)
But maybe add more metru green

I will when i can

I love the combination of CCBS and classic Bionicle parts. Although something I would change would be the weapons, I feel that using the Tahu 2015 blades take away from her individuality. But other than that I love it!

Haha, that’s nice to know you like her. If I could I would’ve changed the blades but I don’t have any other blades that fit and I also suck at making my own swords so they will have to stay though.

Looks good except the dark green and the trans bright green the back of his waist.

Alrighty, green it is there because of those colors i don’t have in red (aside bohrok eyes) and it’s a she haha.

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