Elecaz, Toa of Lightning

A Toa of lightning I built back in 2016. Her previous versions date back to 2012.

The lightning staff. I used to have Vakama Hordika’s weapons in black to represent the lightning.


This moc looks great! you did a great job with the custom limbs and design, the one issue is the shoulders, they’re quite thin. Perhaps you could rework the design a bit?

That’s pretty much the onlu bad thing about this, the colours and design are great!

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Looks great! But I find her too similar to Gali Nuva

Similar looking, maybe, but nowhere near in terms of building.

Elecaz used to have more dark blue and use Hahli Mahri’s mask, but then I changed it when I found my MOC to similar to another Toa of lightning made by Wertman 8 on MOCpages.

Looking good. The custom legs are very well designed.

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I really do like those legs. As others have pointed out though, the shoulders do stick out quite awkwardly. The fact they’re so wide does make the toa look more masculine as well. I’d recommend switching out the shoulder connectors to some of the smaller ones that came out with Bionicle G2.

All said though you’ve certainly come a long way in terms of building skill since you started!

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The main build is solid, as others have said. I’m just irked by the Toa Tool(s) - it looks very simple, especially in comparison to the Toa herself.

How do you keep the old ball joins from coming off those T peg things.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean. If you’re referring to the shoulder joints, those ball joints just stayed on the axles.