Elemental Armors

So I have no idea if these count as “Lego Creations” so to speak but uh, I was looking at the Toa, and noticed(especially after my mods to Gali’s shoulder armor) that two pairs of Toa(Gali/Tahu and Lewa/Pohatu) have very similar armor set-ups.

Not identical, per say, but I decided to, using only pieces from those sets, without tampering with the skeletons at all, swap armors.

In similar fashion to how they could switch Masks when they were golden, maybe while wearing golden masks, armor could be swapped. I know, of course, that this is a 100% impossible occurence in the canon story. Just something I made up for fun.

For this excursion, we’ll be giving them their golden Masks, and keeping those constant on their respective Toa. Just 'cause.

Our pairs again, Tahu and Gali

As well as Lewa and Pohatu.

Kopaka and Onua don’t work in this set up using just eachothers pieces. Kopaka because Lower Legs and Onua because Entire Torso.

Tahu, Master of Water. Those legs are pretty darn meh considering how long his were to default. But otherwise looks pretty good.

Legs become less egregious when posing, IMO.

Obligatory Backshot.

Gali, Master of Fire works pretty well outside some clearance issues with the lower legs.

I like the remaining Trans-Blue. Reminds me of Groudon.

Obligatory Backshot x2

It’s very weird seeing the two of them together.

With Pohatu, Master of Jungle, his low shoulders look especially meh here.

Also, the trans green works well with the other colors.

I suck at posing.

Obligatory Backshot x3

Hey @MT_Zehvor, look! No Trans-green!

I really dig how Lewa looks like this, oddly enough. Also, the bone spikes do not get in the way of posing at all.

Obligatory Backshot x4

Altogether, in mixmatched glory.

Kinda silly and superfluous, but I dunno. I think it’s kinda cool.


You lie!
His brain is trans green!


Lewa looks really cool like that!

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Yep, I think so too. Lewa, Master of Stone is definitely my favourite out of them.


Stone Lewa is actually freaking awesome



Gali makes a pretty awesome Toa of Fire…

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Darnit Chro stop spouting my thoughts before I can catch up on my 60+ New topics



Seriously though, I really really want to get Lewa and POS as soon as possible to make a revamp of the Stone Lewa build (but as a new character)


interesting concept

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