Elemental Creature Creation

Since Hakann used his fire powers with Avak’s stone powers to make a creature made of two elements can other elemental power users create creatures made from their elements? If so is it like a puppet where they have to move each part or is it like the sonic entity who didn’t need to be near the mutant Lohrak in order to exists and would it be able to accomplish simple tasks on its own like attacking or guarding a area? If so can the Makuta create multiple creatures out of shadow?

It wasn’t really a living creature. It was never alive. It was just a moving statue or rock and lava basically. It’s a blob of rock and lava they moved around to make it seem alive, but if they lost focus or were knocked out, it would fall apart. A toa of stone could put a bunch of rocks and move them around in the facsimile of a living thing, but it was never alive to begin with. It’s like a giant stone puppet. So the answer is no to most of the questions due to the fact that these creatures were never alive to begin with.


It howled and reacted to pain even if the reacting to pain part was being controlled by Hakann then what is the explanation for howling since neither Hakkan or Avak have sonic abilities to mimic sound?

Lava generates alot of heat, and that creates a lot of hot air, they can simply funnel it through a tube in the stone to create a howling sound. This happens in caves and other such places.

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