Elemental Guardian Of Earth-Gaia

Gaia is the first warrior to have the element of earth

I really like Gaia mostly for her character, and build. Which a friend help me out on
and what I mean by that, is I like that she is small and slim
With the build I try to make her right arm look more armor
Now with all the Guardian Gaia has a elemental weapon, but what type of weapon well…

A better look here, now the idea for the hammer came form my friend who help me with the idea
Now I do have to say, the hammer dose hindered some pose ability
Well that’s it for now, let me know on what you think and I’ll be back with more soon


I don’t like the build that much, but the overall
Look is look is look is great. It looks like a Gaia. Only thing
Bugging me is that stone is brown, not Earth, but your character so


Yeah Gaia is the more simple one of the Guardians, I just thought it would help for her character. As for the colours, I did say at some point somewhere else that I see stone and earth the same, so I thought nothing for using brown for earth. I think with bionicle, it may by the norm to think brown is stone and gray/black is earth.


Is that a ponytail I see on her?
I like the concept of a small framed character wielding a large weapon.

Hewkii is black, and Taipu is tan, so why not let Gaia be brown?

Nice MOC.

Love the scale of the hammer, gives her a real sense of power.

JK :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks nice! I quite enjoy how it’s not very sexualized, by you can tell it’s a girl. It’s got a nice flow to it! Also, where on Earth did you get short, brown CCBS bones?

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This is pretty cool!

Off one of the legends of chima ultra builds, I think at to top of my head I’ll say mungus was the one with the short CCBS bones

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also I love that she is a Girl


Love the ponytail and the huge hammer, and even though the color scheme is a bit more bland than Ammon’s green and white, I think her build and overall look make up for it. She looks like a fine addition to the group! Who do we have left now?

Looking forward to the next Guardian! Keep up the good work!

Well, her name is Gaia, what did you expect?

Not a fan of the ponytail, or the excessive grey. But otherwise, she’s pretty great.


Gaia is a great moc, very unqiue. The two different lower arms look great however I don’t think it works as well for the top of the arms. The color scheme is good however I think that it would look much better brown was more prominent. The build looks really nice, love the hair and the rakshi chest piece. The hammer is a great idea but as you showed it is heavy.

Overall, amazing moc. Could use some minor upgrades.

I like this. It’s a MOC that doesn’t scream “LOOK AT ME IM A GURL” and I appreciate that. I’m not a fan of the ponytail, nor the gunmetal on the one arm, but overall it’s pretty good. I actually don’t mind the grey, as it fits the theme you were looking for.

Overall I give this a :earth_americas:/10

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My first thought when I saw this image

“Pohatu! Are you doing steroids again?”

Reinhardt approves.

Also, how did you build that hammer?

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Just by using one of those cross technic part

to put the two hammer heads together and use the wheels to keep the treads in place too

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Now that, my good moccist, is clever.
+2 points for that alone.

Lol unintentional necropost.

Meh. I’ll take any opportunity to talk about giant female Pohatu with a titanic hammer.

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