Elemental Guardian Of Fire-Solar

Solar is the first warrior to have the element of fire, and he is also the leader of the Guardians

I give Solar shoulder armour, and a cape

something to make him stand out from the others

but let use remove it for know

I did say before that Dark Spawn was my favourite, but with Solar I think more a bit like a self Moc in some way

As for weapons

Solar have some fire gauntlet

and he also have a fire sword

now as for a elemental weapon

it's another fire sword, Solar is the only Guardian who main weapon can turn into his elemental weapon

Closer look

Well that's all the Guardian, and that's it for now with this Moc let me know on what you think and I'll be back with more


i like the gauntlets, they add more consistency with the feet

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Only complaint is the mask choice, it makes it feel like an overglorified Tahu.



Pretty solid, aside from color distribution. I feel like if you could work on(or justify) that a bit, this guy would be all the much better for it.

Also, I might add that the Stronius armor kind of breaks the flame motif. Perhaps something that's a little less rocky would do better?

I think it needs some more Mata Red in the upper body. And the red Hau is a bit overused. Otherwise, it's pretty good. 7.5/10

I really love the whole flame motif he has going on, especially with those feet.

Good thing those capes are fireproof...

This is... wow. probably the best MOC I have seen. B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l

He looks kinda sinister...

Neat build, love the shoulders.

Neat build, though I think the lower legs look a bit odd from some angles. Good color layering on the torso, iffy elsewhere, but silver Vorox armor for the legs should be available soon. Hau... 1) it doesn't fit with the rest of the colors and 2) everyone, their mother, and even their mothers' dogs slap Haus on everything... Then again, that goes for most 'red' masks. Red/black or silver Kiril would probably work better in that regard. Weapons are very well done, though, especially the elemental sword.

Overall, there's a few issues but I really like this MOC.

Dark Lird Tahu!

But honestly, this looks great! I would use a mask other than the Hau, though!

This is amazing!

I really like his build, and I only have two major problems. The first is the feet. The Melum hands look really unstable and unsightly. I'm not sure why they are there. The second is the mask choice. He looks way too much like Tahu. Fix those two things and I will love him!

that sword is too sm... oh never mind :stuck_out_tongue:
love it.

I really like this moc especially the melum fire parts used as "fire gauntlets" on the arms. I also like the torso and the capes are a nice touch!!