Elemental Guardian Of Ice-Era

With Era, I let my friend who help me with Gaia character, and help me naming Luna. I let her come up with Era character, her story, her colours and her weapons

I got to say, those new parts form Lego really help me on the build with Era

Two thinks, one, yes having the mask being dark blue and being the only one on the MOC maybe off putting, well my friend wanted her to have a blue mask, and the Kornau just seem the only one that seem to fit. Two, I went with a custom head, because my friend wanted Era to have orange eyes, so yeah a custom head

As for a elemental weapon Era has dagger hilts, that’s what my friend wanted as a weapon

Closer look, using her powers, she can make different types of weapons

Well that’s it for now, let me know on what you think and I be back with more


I think the color of the mask doesn’t fit. Personally I think it makes more sense for the arms to have their thicker side facing down rather than upwards. Overall though I really like the body design. Really nice job. I’m curious. Where did you get those pieces that you use as shoulder armor? I don’t recognize them from any set.

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The build is solid and neat, and the weapons are cool. I do really question the mask choice, though.

Love the lower legs!

The parts are form the new star wars ultrabuild sets, obi wan and commander cody

Ahh you’re right. Thanks! Again really great job on the MoC.

Build is cool though I’m not to sure about that color of mask.

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Well the mask is odd, and her arms are just a lot of blue.

From the neck down, I really like this MOC. But that mask doesn’t fit at all, and I really dislike hair on MOCs. But, the torso is amazing! The limbs are great, and the weapons are too, if you gave this MOC a different mask, and got rid of the hair, it’d look really a lot better. :smile:

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Nice weapon and overall design, but I feel the hair is a bit too thin, and the mask doesn’t fit the color scheme. But overall, I like it!

I think this is a really awesome, custom build. Pretty ideal, if you ask me. But… change the mask. It looks unnatural and negatively impacts the moc. A lot.

my only real complaint here is about the mask color, other than that, good job

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The MOC is very nice but the mask looks out of place.