Elemental Guardian Of Water-Aquarius

The Guardian of water Aquarius

The idea for me to make Aquarius, was at the time I was listening to two songs a lot, the songs the siren and seven widows weep

Mostly to add this siren like form
I did try to make the leg turn into the fish tail, but sadly did not work. so I make a separate part
Now as a Guardian, Aquarius dose have a elemental weapon

Just a simple trident, what else for a water Guardian

The way the trident was make, the two end points are close together to the centre, but I seem to like it

Well that's it for now, let me know on what you think and I'll be back with more


fantastic. Its so solid and well put together. The proportions are great too. Every thing is so well done. Ill definitely be waiting for more! :smile:

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Add some blue to the chest

Other than that's it's pretty neat

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Other than Nuvaboobs it's very good


Its @Ghosty lite

the tail is really clever : D

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This looks really good! I really like the colors. Also, I really like that hair. (I hope you don't mind if I use a similar concept in a future build) I feel like the neck should be slightly linger, since it looks like she cannot look down. The waist also looks like it could use a little more bulk, but besides that, this looks great!

Without the fish tail, it's a relatively boring MOC, but this is really cool! That trident is really great looking! :smile:

Great build, the colors are solid, and the proportions are done well. Great job!

I do have to say, the siren tail is a bit blocky, but everything is still well put together.

Oh look, people aren't dismissing it because it uses Nuvaboobs. :thumbsup:

Although personally I don't think they fit the very Technic-y/mechanical look of the rest of the MOC. That's a styling I don't see a lot of, and it sets her apart from most other MOCs, to say the least.

I dunno, I think that would over-saturate the blue. I think it looks good white.

I don't see why this is an instant con.

Based on the way the blades come together it looks more like a fancy spear...

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Just been overused over and over. It's slightly annoying but we gotta live with it

Why not say that for the mask, and CCBS on the lower arms, and the feet...

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Sure, but it's more of a...

Actually I don't want to beat a dead horse

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Eh, I don't get it, but you do get your own opinion...

Lowering the bust (not the shoulders) by about half a stud or so (if you can) would make her look a little more human and maybe improve her head articulation. Apart from that, I really like this MOC. The build style is very technic-y and not something I'd do, but I really like it. The fact her legs can join together to form the tail (?) is awesome too.

Would recommend putting some trans-dark-blue on her as well. It's present through her mask and hair, but a couple of other spots/highlights would help out in key places. Maybe in those empty pinholes on her shoulder panels, or a heartlight, for example?

You know that dose sound like a good idea, to add more trans blue part, the reason why I didn't do that is because I don't have that much of trans blue, but I'll give it a go. As for the tail I did try to made it look like the legs come together, but sadly fail, so instead I just made a separate part. Thanks for the advise.

Very nice! I like the color-scheme, as it implies both tangible states of water. I forget, does Aquarius control Ice, or is that a separate Guardian? Anyway, the tubing gives the effect of watery braids, which is intriguing, although they are rather stiff, as is their nature. I like how the horn pieces that form the tail can attach to the back. The trident also looks cool, and I like how the blades point towards each other.

I agree that more trans-blue would be nice, particularly due to the mask you chose. Of course, you could just as easily change to a solid blue mask, but that might make the MOC too different.

Overall, nice job, as usual! Any idea who's next?

All I can say, we'er starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel :wink: