Elemental Guardian Of Wind - Ammon

Ammon is the Guardian of wind, meaning he is the first warrior to have the element of wind

With Ammon I did try to go for more of a ninja look in some way.Like the look of the lower arm, using the pipes to get more of a textured gauntlet look to it
Ammon is also arm with a katana sword. And also to say this, if you think the sheath looks a little big, there nothing I can do because that's the smallest I can get it
As with all the Guardians, Ammon dose have a elemental weapon
A ninja shuriken star
Here a better look

Now I will say it dose look a bit big for him, but I like it
Well that it for now, let me know on what you think and I'll be back with more


I'm really liking the overall idea/theme of this MOC. The color scheme is not something I see too often, but it looks really good.

As for the weapons, the katana is awesome. Although the sheath is a bit bulky, as you said, there is no other way to make it smaller and still work. The Glaive shuriken looks quite nice; a little large for a shuriken, though, it would fit better as a chakram.

The overall MOC is pretty nice. though I feel like it's a little bit cluttered from all of the Technic, especially in the body and the upper arms. I think this MOC just needs to have a little better flow to it if you know what I mean.

But overall, I like it, great job man! :thumbsup:



MOC has some cool designs too.

But the Glaive steals the show.

(what's that, it's not a Glaive? Nahh man it totally is)


First off: Sheath=AWESOME!!!!

Secondly: Glaive:


simple google image search, people.
just to clear things up.

White/green is a rare color scheme that you've pulled off well. I like the intricacy of the build and the variety of pieces used. Good job!

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Clever sheath.

Correct. That is a historically accurate Glaive.
This is an item from Warframe called the Glaive.

Not historically accurate, but I don't care because it's still awesome.



I amy have just died and been reborn.

But, yeah, this MOC is pretty great. Only flaw I have with it is the trans green on the Shuriken, which looks out of place. 8.5/10

Waist feels thin.

The MOC is pretty good but the fact that you pulled off a sheath makes is amazing!


I wish I was him

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Wow this guy looks great are you gonna make anymore elemental guardians @Night_Of_Thee_Abyss

I am, but I do have the Guardian of darkness up, he under the name Elemental Guardian Of Darkness - Dark Spawn. Check him out see if you like him

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I just checked out your mocs and theyare amazing keep up the good work

I really like this guy, he's got some really good things going for him. The build is good enough, but I always feel like LEGO bricks don't often match technic parts. For the most part it's alright.

One thing to say though. Weapon overkill. Don't get me wrong, the weapons are all unique and brilliant! But I think just either the sword + the tiny swords, or just the elemental shuriken would be enough.

But hey, it's still pretty lovely! 8/10

I love the sheath, it gives it so much more personality.

Nice work! The color scheme flows really well, and I don't mind the sheath (though perhaps it might look even cooler if you could mount it on his back). The Elemental Shuriken is really cool--I love the trans-green bits you stuck on it, and I actually like that it's large, because it makes it feel more raw and imposing, like the sheer power of the element. I think making the Guardians' Elemental Weapons very large is a good idea.

This is making me even more excited for the next few Guardians. Keep up the good work!

This MOC is absolutely amazing, but the only things I don't like are the lower torso, I think they are too blocky, and the Sheath for the sword is large and unnecessary. But, overall, my opinion of this MOC is high, so I'll give it a 9/10.

Good job! :smile:

Nice. I think the mask doesn't really work , it's a tad off-putting. But besides that, I love the colorscheme, concept, the sword's sheath... in fact, this is probably one of my favorite mocs now.

I got to admit this looks freaking great!
Solid 10/10.