Elemental Kingdoms and Realms MOC Contest

This is a MOC CONTEST, I repeat, CONTEST, not project, CONTEST.

This contest is system based. Yeah, bricks, plates, studs, whatever.

No minifig displays, or only character entries. These will not count. If you don’t have a lot of system your out of luck because these builds will require lots of pieces. When entering a MOC, please create a separate topic with a link in your “finished” post.
Please be constructive, not mean. Each kingdom/realm will only have multiple winners to its name so everyone will have a chance.

If you would like to include a system built creature that is fine. Just focus on the landscape.

All builds will be scored on: Appearance, Build, Functions, Followed Criteria for that certain element. The highest score you can get is 100, that is 25 for each section.

Fire: Floating island with lava. Large castle in the center.
Water: Floating island encased with a dome. dome is optional Large sea base/castle in the center.
Earth: Floating island with rocky landscape. Large stone temple in the center.
Air: Floating island with random landscape. Large temple in the center. Colour: Preferably Silver
Growth: Floating island and grassy landscape. Large tree in the center with its leaves doming the entire island. Large green “collosium” around the trunk of the tree.
Ice: Floating island looking as if it was a upside down iceberg. Large ice castle in the center.
Steel: Floating island with flat metallic landscape. Large metal castle in the center.
Energy: Large floating island with flat rocky landscape. Has cracks filled with energy seeping through. Large floating temple in the center.
Order: Floating island that is almost completely mechanical. Geared temple in the center.
Entropy: Floating island with random crystallized landscape. Large temple in the center. Colour of build: Preferably purple and black.
Light: Large golden floating island. Floating temple in the center. if glow brick is a possibility, please include it
Darkness: Floating island with wispy random dark landscape. Large wispy temple in the center.

All entries due by July 30. If that is too short please give a recommendation below. Please sign up, and have fun building.


I would join this, if I had a lot of time, and enough pieces to pull this off. Actually, I have a lot of system, but enough pieces in the right color.


What colours do you have most of?

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I don’t know… How big should it be? Currently my pices are in big Mocs, like a gaint mecha I need to finish, and a castle.

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I might do something, IDK.
I’ve got IRL stuff, but I’ll have time after June third.

Bout this big.

Perfect example for growth landscape.

@Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air, What kind of build do you want to do? Which element?


Air or energy.
Probably energy, I just may not have the pieces.

So, pretty big. I might join, depending on how finals go and stuff. My school ends around June 4th. And the amount of pieces. I’ll think about it.

@Omega_Tahu, good to know. I hope to see you working on something soon.

@Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air Energy colours are black, grey, light blue, trans light blue, trans yellow, silver, and gunmetal.

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I might not have enough trans, but I have plenty solid.

Like it said in the description, it is the cracks filled with energy, not the tower and landscape.
I’m using the word landscape a lot.

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I would enter, however I am horrible at system and have little useful pieces. so I am gonna have to pass.


Okay, that is perfectly fine.

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Thanks for the invite, but I will not participate on this for various reasons.

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Perfect idea!

Thanks, but most of my joints n’ parts are tied up in other MOCs.

Also, I’ve never done landscape MOCs.

For good reason.

Yeah, hate to break it to you, but that’s a lot harder and more expensive than it sounds on paper.

Landscapes are difficult and parts-consuming as it is(particularly floating islands because you have to do their bottoms too), but landscapes+particular castles with specific themes, colors, etc? That’s going to be out of most people’s part/price range.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s a cool idea, and I’m sure the creations that could come out of it would be fantastic. It’s just, this is really the wrong community to do this. Perhaps big time AFOL moccers that have mountains of parts and tons of time to spend could pull it off, but primarily TFOLs with few parts(even fewer system parts) and plenty of school(and job) work on their plates probably won’t.

So uh, reel it in a bit if you want to get any traction.


Okay, thanks for the recommendations.


The right side of the jungle thing I uploaded above is the size that it needs to be.
@Garnira, @blu, @Sammythekat, please tell me if this is better.

While it looks nice I still won’t participate on this, regardless of size of the build.

Yeah, I actually have planned to close it.