Elemental Titan

Ummm,so here is a very quick moc that i made today.
It took me less than 30 minutes to make,and to be honest it looks kinda messy when compared to some other mocs that i worked on,which look very clean and organized.The concept for this guy was to have him look like a mutated warrior or something,which got control of some elements when he got mutated (translucent pieces help),those elements being ice,water,air and fire.
So,here are some pics.Any opinions? I'm very interested with this concept,and if i get some favorable reviews,i could give this guy some updates.Right now he's kind of a "beta" version.Who knows.




I think what you need to do is organize every element into substantial portions. One element for each limb is the way some people do it. You could have Water in the lower torso and knees, Fire in one arm and the weapon, Ice in the other arm, chest and weapon, and Earth in the lower legs.


Okay...maybe not

This has ended up looking a bit more like something a small child would throw together to play with than an actual MOC. The armor has no organization, the arms and legs are strange, and the head is....the head is actually kinda cool. I'll give you that. I still think it would look better if the colors were organized even on the head, though.

I totally agree.As i said earlier,this is just a "beta version" of this guy,and i'm still working on him.Yeah,the point was originally to make him look messy and mutated,but i'm not a big fan of it and i started to organize each limb into an element.Stay tuned.

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